Contactless Grooming

21558 Oak Drive, Saugus, CA 91350


  1. Wipe down (disinfect) the inside and outside of your hard-sided cat carrier
  2. Make sure any chemical or bleach smell is gone
  3. Put Kitty in the carrier
  4. Wipe the handle and top of carrier DO NOT use bleach or spray directly onto the carrier with Kitty inside

Upon Arrival

  1. Place Kitty just inside my garage on the floor
  2. We will go over any details standing at least 6 feet apart, please stay outside the garage
  3. My mask will remain on at all times
  4. I will wear gloves when touching your carrier, collar, receipt and any other items you will be taking home with you
  5. I will assure my hands are clean when touching Kitty, unfortunately wearing gloves while grooming your Kitty is not possible
  6. The garage will be secure at all times your Kitty is not in the carrier
  7. All work that is usually done in your bathroom will be done in my garage, everything is sanitized just before your arrival
  8. Bathing will be done in my kitchen sink which was disinfected just before your arrival
  9. When the garage door opens, your Kitty is done


Updates will be given just before or just after your Kitty’s bath is completed. This will include an estimated finish time. 


Effective August 17, 2020 payment is prefered in cash (change is available) or by check written out to “Deborah Hansen”. Credit Cards are no longer accepted.

Transportation Options

For a small fee I will provide transportation

The fee is based on the distance and time it takes for me to drive to your home.

Please ask for your specific fee.

Pick Up:

  • I will text you when I am on my way, expect me to arrive at your home right at your appointment time
  • Place the carrier on your front porch
  • Wipe the handle and top of carrier DO NOT use bleach or spray directly onto the carrier with Kitty inside
  • I will text you when I arrive
  • Go inside and close the door
  • I will talk to Kitty for a minute before I pick up the carrier to reassure Kitty everything will be ok
  • I will put your Kitty into the back of my car, which was disinfected before I left my house
  • When we arrive at my house, I will text you a picture of Kitty safely in my garage

Returning Home:

  • When your Kitty is done, I will call you to go over today’s grooming, see if you have any questions and give you an estimated arrival time, all while the air conditioner is running to cool off my car
  • Once at your home I will leave your Kitty where I picked them up from
  • I will wait about 10 feet away from your door until you take Kitty inside

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My cat isn’t good in the car…
    • This was my biggest concern and why I tested this method with several families. So far, I have not encountered any problems.
    • When I provide transportation, I talk to your Kitty in the car. Most Kitties have nothing to say besides a polite “Hello. I missed you. Where are we going?” meows.
    • I do monitor for signs of stress while I am driving. 
    • The majority of the kitties act like they were on a mischievous adventure with their BFF
    • If your Kitty has “an accident” on the way home, I will rebathe them at no charge that same day.
    • If I did not believe your Kitty would handle this well, I would not have included you in this offer.
  • Your Kitty will not have contact or see any other animals. My pets will be locked upstairs before I leave for your house
  • I will try to text you an update just before or just after the bath
  • Your grooming price will not change
  • There will be a transportation fee if you prefer pick up and delivery

A Final Note

I understand the main reason you hired Kitty’s Purrfect Spa was so your Kitty would not have to leave your home for grooming. I still believe House Call Grooming is best for over 95% of cats. Sadly, with current events, it just is not possible at this time. 

I will be using a no (human) contact process to keep everyone safe. While this is new in comparison to how I have groomed your Kitty in the past, it is the same way I have groomed over 150 rescue kitties since I opened Kitty’s Purrfect Spa in 2013. 

Not all kitties will be eligible for this option. To be considered, your cat has to be compliant or shy compliant, not vocal during grooming, healthy, does not exhibit signs of stress during grooming, be spayed/neutered and have a good relationship with me. I will only take a Kitty that I am reasonably assured will not have any complications or cause stress to my pets. 

Please be assured I am working with several organizations to learn how to be able to safely provide house call grooming services. While it does not look like an option for 2020, my hope is that when your family is comfortable, I will be able to work in your home sometime in 2021!