Now Accepting New Clients!

Thank you for your interest in House Call, In Your Home, Feline Grooming.

Kitty’s Purrfect Spa grooms your cat in the comfort and convenience of your home. We believe almost all felines do best being groomed in their home environment. 

Yes! We want to schedule a Meet and Greet to find out if House Call grooming Services are a good fit for our needs

WhAT IS A Meet and Greet?

A Meet and Greet gives you an opportunity to see if Kitty’s Purrfect Spa in home grooming is a good fit for your family. It is a time to get all your questions answered by our Certified Feline Master Groomer. At this appointment, Deborah Hansen, CFMG, CFCG will go over the best options for your cat. Some kitties need to be shaved, however many kitties can remain in full coat without shedding and inflaming human allergies! It is also a time for Kitty’s Purrfect Spa to confirm your home meets the basic safety requirements required by our company. 

If your cat is a grooming candidate, a nail trim will be performed at this visit. Please note, a nail trim is not guaranteed and will only be preformed if safe to do so. 

What is the cost for a Meet and Greet?

The Meet and Greet fee is $50 payable upon arrival. $30 of that fee is applied to your first grooming service if scheduled at the time of the Meet and Greet and completed within 30 days. 

Why does Kitty's Purrfect Spa do a Meet and Greet before scheduling the first Groom?

Kitty’s Purrfect Spa schedules all new clients as a Meet and Greet appointment because we  know new clients have many questions and concerns about cat grooming in general. They are also anxious about letting a stranger into their home. By setting up an appointment to visit your home, not only can we answer all of your questions, we can assure Kitty’s Purrfect Spa best meets the needs of your family.

Is a Meet and Greet really necessary?

Yes. After over 3,000 feline grooms and 5 years in business, Deborah Hansen, CFMG, CFMG has found it is best to schedule a Meet and Greet to meet the family and the Kitty (ies) before making a visit to your home to groom your cats. Meet and Greets assures your home is the optimal grooming environment for your Kitty, and makes the grooming day run smoothly for everyone.